Hernan Jourdan

and the megabyte horses


I can barely write about this. But it has to come out.
The sources of information are all out there.
What I say is not new.
What I say is a reminder.
I ask a simple question.

I read
Environmental and indigenous leader assassinated
People from that region fleeing fear of death
Seven years ago that country's govt was overthrown by military forces
Diplomats went on saying 'no, no, no, that's not right'
but Hillary Rodham Clinton came on saying from behind
'can you get me in touch with the new president?
let's make sure the previous one doesn't come back'

it goes down like this once again
another point for the USA
against civilians somewhere else
support another coup d'├ętat
and represent with excellence
the private sector hidden far
(in London Corporation's land?)
their economic interests
behind a big house, painted white

who are the ones that close the doors
and leave to die the ones in need?
the same who told to drop the bombs
and wrecked the streets they had to flee?

but they make now the issue local
before they called it something global
I wasn't asked, neither were you
sitting at screens we read and see
who makes decisions as they please

who were too one day in disgrace
and from it tried to run away
do they remember what it felt
do they remember being helped?

perhaps they don't and so I ask
for them to think again their task
and who they think they represent
and who they think they want to help
and ultimately but not last
remember they too will be past

With that on mind broaden your sight
when thinking what future you want
with more respect you cut less checks
but you may soothe your future qualms