Hernan Jourdan

and the megabyte horses

North Dakota Guts

When the water that we need for our life is endangered, we are in danger.

When police officials use violence against the people, unprovoked, we are in danger.

When people believe a uniform it's more important than what's in their hearts, we are in danger.

Because they seem to respond to the interest of just a few, not all of us.

Because they value the profit that will come –over nature that provides.

Have we forgotten where we come from? Have we forgotten where we'll go?

And what about our daughters and sons?

Power lineage is still a thing. It was fought in the French Revolution, and against the British Empire on this land too. And is being fought by those who stood with Bernie, and those at Standing Rock.

Those who have it feel the threat: it's "them" against "us". Or "us" against "them".

They draw a line –but there is none. We are all part of the human race. We all need the same things to live. We all have a right to access them. When respect for one of us is violated in the name of economic development something must be wrong. It is then that "the system is not broken –the people are".

CNN acuses police officers of using violence towards people but tries to justify it by saying "protestors" are being violent towards construction equipment. The underlying message, often hard to see. It's considering people and nature as equal to property and private investment. But does hitting a truck allow you to hit a person? What is more important?

When a group of people believe it's okay to inflict damage on others just for the sake of economic profit, something must be wrong. What are the limits of that greed? Something must be wrong in the hearts of those that have learnt to ignore the pain they are inflicting, and in not feeling that pain within themselves.

I am truly disgusted by the way peaceful protectors of the water are being treated in North Dakota.
Aborigine people were displaced and ignored before and they are getting the same treatment today from the cohabitants of this country. The same cohabitants that seem to have forgotten how they were foreigners in this land one day and through killing and war appropriated space. These cohabitants enjoy the power of an empire, whether they are aware of it or not. This empire owns military presence around the world in a way no other country does (over 800 bases in 70 countries). This has probably exceeded any other empire's reach in history. The empire orchestrates dictatorships abroad and presents itself as a democracy at home. Representatives of the empire wear a suit and a tie instead of military uniforms because they know they can't be so blunt. But who gets to use the power to kill people of different skin color and origin or exploit immigrant workforce? Who owns most of the wealth this country produces? If you want to keep thinking things will eventually get better, I'm with you. But not like this.

Like this, is how we are today. Like this, protectors of natural water are called protestors, beat up and arrested. One day it could be you, one day it could be me.
Like this, we'll keep being told we have no power. Like this, we'll keep believing them. Like this, we'll keep fooling ourselves until we believe that there's no more to life than what they tell us.
Like this, we'll go on with our lives and eventually become ok with the fact that the only drinkable water is to be bought in the supermarket, and we'll think no other alternative is possible. And we'll keep tightening our belts even though we live in a vast, beautiful and rich world. All of us together. But if we don't see that, we'll continue thinking that happiness comes with the latest product on sale, and miss out on what that truly means. And then perhaps you'll look at another country in this beautiful world and see qualities of mutual respect, daily needs met for all and more than a new car to look forward to, and feel sad you can't have that.
That you were promised Freedom, Equality and Democracy, but instead have access to none.
Will you then care?
The country that promised you all, was only able to take from you.