Hernan Jourdan


Title: "Wallwarts"
Year: 2015
Medium: Wallpaper, Misc. Garbage, Acrylic and Foam on Cardboard (7 ft. x 5.5 ft.)

This half-collage of pictures from an intimate relationship and half-assembled with all kinds of objects found on public spaces (parks, streets, etc.) was initially covered entirely by wallpaper. A small cut was done in the middle, and opened progressively, bursting new stories and offering new routes to the eye as time went by, as the artist brought visitors to see it. While he answered questions and talked about the piece, he pulled the "wound" outwards (inviting others to touch and feel with their own hands) and shared more and more with the audience each time a visit was made. The piece's constant change related to the on-going relationship addressed, and the organic interaction between public-artwork-producer created an intimate moment of disclosure and revision of a sensible matter through involvement and first hand experience.

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