Hernan Jourdan

To the Wind

Private Event in Providence (RI) - 2016


"One day you will all be forgotten,
but I'll still blow through Earth"

- The Wind


How to build a man (to the Wind I asked)

Should he have a sense of responsibility?
should he have broad shoulders?
should his chest align with his sex?
should his jeans be tight or loose?
should his belt be brown?
should he flush after peeing?
or be frugal and save water?
should he close his eyes when making love?
should he fuck hard or not so much?
should he be open to new things
or refuse them and show he’s tough?
should he assert his views in public
or keep ‘em only to his friends?


Constructing a man (the Wind so replied)

He should be strong, but not worry to show off
move his pelvis gently at first, and together with his partner
find a spot that's good for both
He should listen and let others speak
express his own views willingly to revisit them
For broad shoulders, the answer is yes. And if that's the case,
then he hold know to share them with others,
welcoming hands to touch.
The belt can be black too.
But above all, don't forget,
a man should care.

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