Hernan Jourdan

Slides On the City

Title: "Slides in the City"
Year: 2015
Medium: Slides on Glass (4 inches x 7 inches)
*Collaboration between Ben Simon and Hernan Jourdan

"Slides On The City" is a conversation between the artists and constructions around sexuality, in the context of a large organized society, by way of cultural productions in the form of slides. The dialogue occurs after the artists, having encountered the medium without previous meditation, proceed to chop it and organize it avoiding critical thinking and prioritizing other voices such as inhibitions, desires, fixations and sub consciousness. The creative process then is freed from what the subject (artist) "knows" and instead of the rational, allures to his intuition. In a context such as a modern city, where such rendition of the self seems less and less valued on behalf of order and civility, the creation of this piece calls for spontaneity and a special attention for the "unspoken", that is how the morals and expectations of today affect the individual as a sensible being. In the face of expected behavior, "Slides On The City" is an invitation to develop a refined hearing and to listen how we really feel.

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