Hernan Jourdan

My Experience As A Foreigner Is Covered By Hay Made Out Of Dreams Other People Dreamt

I repeated this pattern across the vast territory of the wallpaper while meditating deeply on my experience of being an Immigrant in the US. How can I communicate what it feels? What issues should I bring up? Struggles that arise from radically different cultures meeting are many, especially in a globalized context where countries are connected and somewhat dependent on each other. Is the link between those two countries fair? Feelings of anti-US in Argentina have been rising over the last decade, partly as a response of the US' involvement with political and economical affairs of the Latin American continent over the course of the 20th Century. Where do I stand in the face of international (un)equality? As I dug deeper inside these questions a simpler syntax started to emerge in the piece. The unknown that lies behind the "foreigner-curtain" is met with different stories people have heard and built about immigrants –I realized–as the reality of each immigrant remains an often unheard, personal and unique experience.

Medium: Acrylic, Silkscreen and Marker on Wallpaper (16 feet x 2.5 feet and 42" x 30")
Year: 2016

Creative Commons License